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Industrial Cooling: Are there overheated working conditions in your factory?

An environmentally safe solution - evaporation is a natural process and requires no refrigerant

Overheated working conditions can quickly become a big problem for your factory. They cut productivity, make errors in the production line more likely and can even endanger your workers’ lives.

The traditional solution to this problem has been to install air conditioning, but this often this route is often a logistical nightmare to install in an industrial space and you may need several units to effectively cool your industrial space, both of which mean prices can be high.

We provide a more cost effective and flexible way to maintain your factory’s air temperature, known as Evaporative Cooling. This system works by causing air from outside your factory to pass through a system of wetted pads, which add evaporated water to the air, thereby increasing the density while reducing the temperature.

The cooled air is then pumped into the industrial space where it replaces warmer, less dense air, which naturally rises to the factory roof. The cooling unit works in combination with a roof extract fan, which moves this warmer air outside, thus forming a balanced and controlled ventilation scheme.

We currently have a special offer on our Evaporative Cooling systems so you can have this high quality air control system installed in your factory for a very low price.

Visit the special offer section to find out more.

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