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RAF Cottesmore - Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems to the Fire Section

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Customer Profile:
RAF Cottesmore is home to three squadrons of Harrier GR7s, making it one of the most important frontline bases in the Royal Air Force. The RAF Fire Service, which is governed by the British Ministry of Defence, is responsible for fire safety and fire fighting at military airports both in the UK and overseas. RAF Cottesmore fire section houses the latest MFV and RIV vehicles available to the MOD fire service.

Customer Requirement:
Supply, Mechanical & Electrical Installation of a Automatic Disconnect Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems to the Fire Section, Building 20, RAF Cottesmore.
RAF Cotesmore fire section houses two large MFV Vehicles and one smaller RIV vehicle requiring exhaust extraction. The system must be both automatic in fan starting and automatic in vehicle detachment at the exit doors allowing the fire fighters to carry out their normal duties unhindered.

Product Selection:

  • 3 X Nederman 20805964, 12.5M Magna Rail
  • 3 X Nederman 20802064, HL Hose assembly
  • 3 X Nederman 20801469, 9v Auto Start Transmitter
  • 1 X Nederman 20801569, Auto Start Receiver
  • 1 X Nederman 14502428, NCF40/25, 5.5KW Fan
  • 1 X Encon 738880, Automatic Fan Control Panel.

Completion Date:
The installation was completed and successfully handed over to RAF Cottesmore on 30th November 2001.

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