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Customer Profile:
Today, RAF Cottesmore is home to three squadrons of Harrier GR7s, making it one of the most important frontline bases in the Royal Air Force.

RAF Cottesmore's mission is to contribute to the projection of the UK's air fighting power by developing a world-class operational training and deployment base to support Harrier and Sea Harrier operations around the world.

Customer Requirement:
Supply, Mechanical & Electrical Installation of a Local Exhaust Extraction Systems to the Composite Structures Bay, 'C' Hanger, RAF Cottesmore.

The customer had two specific requirements, the first being the preparation and repair of Harrier wing sections requiring Hi-Vacuum 'on tool' extraction complemented with secondary 'at source' capture via flexible extraction arms. Secondly their was a need to mix and prepare solvents within a safe and clean environment, this was achieved by the use of a purpose made fume cupboard.

Product Selection:

  • 1 X Nederman E-PAK 500 Hi-Vac System
  • 3 X Nederman KV50 Flap Valves
  • 3 X Nederman AS Micro Switches
  • 1 X Nederman CE 70 Cleaning Set
  • 10M X H-38 Antistatic Flex Hi-Vac Hose
  • 2 X Nederman FB21 Filter Box c/w 3M arm & Fan
  • 1 X Encon/Fumetec 1500-900 Fume Cupboard.
  • 1 X Encon/Fumetec 400 Plastic Extraction Fan

Completion Date:
The installation was completed and successfully handed over to RAF Cottesmore on 3rd August 2001.

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